Win A Free Chain Gang Cycling Jersey

We’re giving away more than £1,000 of Chain Gang cycle jerseys – so pay attention!

Mika and Mika, navigating Finnish style, Tuscany. © 2012, Chris YatesLast year, for the first time, we had some cycling jerseys made for The Chain Gang. There was no qualification to earn one, we just handed them out when we had them handy. If that sounds a bit chaotic it’s because the jerseys arrived a bit too late to be taken out to France with the rest of the season’s equipment. I think they’re quite the latest thing in stylish cycling apparel, but then I would say that.

This year we’ll have new jerseys available for all Chain Gangers. But that leaves me with some jerseys left over from 2012. A friend suggested a simple competition, so here goes:

Francois II of France, son of Henry II, died in 1560 aged just 16. His very famous wife returned home. Who was she?

Ben in St Denis, ParisI daresay the answer is on our website, but to be honest it’s meant to be pretty easy so please don’t be put off. As ever, I’d be grateful if winners would send me a photograph of themselves in the jersey.

We have 25 jerseys left as follows:

M 8
L 4
XL 11

That’s £1,000 giveaway in anybody’s langauge, so email me at [email protected] with your answer, your name and address, and your size.

First-come-first-served, I wish you luck.

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