The Best Food On Any Chain Gang Tour, Le Petit Relais in Calès

Homemade foie gras
One of the joys on our Dordogne tour is a little hotel in the middle of nowhere, in Calès, Le Petit Relais.

It’s owned by Karine and Olivier. The village has a population of just 166, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). It comes at the end of our hardest day of cycling on our Dordogne tour, Monday, just as we leave the Dordogne Valley behind on our way to the Causses de Quercy, Rocamadour and the Gouffre de Padirac.






The food in this little hotel is probably the best food on any Chain Gang tour – and we spend a fortune on food!




We work with about 70 restaurants / hotels regularly, but Le Petit Relais is the best – Olivier is a genius.

Even breakfast, the following morning, is served beautifully. But by then, that’s just what you’d expect.

I don’t understand how Le Petit Relais exists in beautiful little Calès, and serves food like this. But it’s not my place to argue, I just enjoy it, hugely!

Merci Karine et Olivier.



I’ve put a little folder of photographs together on Flickr, which you can see here.

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