Where We Are Now

Now is the time of year when I keep getting reminders of how close our season is. Pete Doherty was jailed for 14 weeks, and so will not be performing at Glastonbury. Our season is well under way by the time the Glastonbury festival gets washed out each year, so there’s less than 14 weeks to go. In fact, a mere 6 weeks. Better get ourselves ready then.

All our hotels are booked now, almost. We’ve had a couple of disappointments. The hotel I’d chosen to replace the rude incompetents of the Auberge de la Reine Jeanne in St Rémy de Provence have done the dirty on us. The Hostellerie Le Chalet Fleurie have cancelled all our reservations, because another tour operator wants to spend two nights there, which clashes with our bookings.

I despair of some of these French hotels at times. Last summer, at a time when I was getting disillusioned with the Reine Jeanne, I stayed at the Chalet Fleurie. The owner asked why we didn’t use them as our regular hotel – well, her timing couldn’t have been better, so we had a good look around, talked about prices and timings, and earlier this year made a series of bookings. Our bookings were confirmed, we’ve listed the hotel in our new brochure, and referred to it in the literature we sent out to previous customers. Then, out of the blue, everything was cancelled.

So, we’ve had to choose a new hotel. As ever, this means spending a bit more money, but I think we may have fallen on our feet. We’ll be staying at the Hotel Le Castelet des Alpilles near the centre of St Remy.

Hotel Le Castelet des Alpilles Hotel Le Castelet des Alpilles Hotel Le Castelet des Alpilles Hotel Le Castelet des Alpilles

A move upmarket, but very friendly people, and as Clare said: “If the people at Le Chalet Fleurie are that flaky, it’s far better to find out now than in the middle of July”. True enough, so a bit of a result if you look at it that way. If I keep thinking in this vein, I’ll think I owe Le Chalet a favour!

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