What It's Meant To Look Like

A few days ago I went for a ride on Woodbury Common, an area of common land close to Exeter. It was grey and miserable, it started raining, and the only gloves I could find were thin jogging gloves.

Much as I enjoyed the ride, I was damnded cold when I got back, my hands literally shaking as I tried to drink a cup of tea.

But last Thursday I took advantage of a couple of quiet hours and went round the same route again. Firstly, I was delighted that the wet lubricant recommended by Ben at Sidwell Cycles had done the job. No need to clean the chain every time I go out for a ride.

It was a pure delight. It’s still winter, of course, so it’s still cold, it’s still grey (mostly), and it’s still a bit wet underfoot. But I found my proper winter gloves, and the sun shone.

This is what Woodbury is meant to look like in February. I think these might be Winston Churchill’s broad sunlit uplands.

Broad, sunlit uplands
Broad, sunlit uplands
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