Video – Touring Languedoc With The Chain Gang

Enjoy 10 minutes of a wonderful video of cycling in Languedoc.

This is another of Roberto Peixoto’s videos, and maybe my favourite.

What do I like about it? There are lots of clips of people smiling on their bikes – and that is officially what bikes are for!

Have a look for the Brazilians and Hawaiians – it was hot, I can tell you – well into the 30s. And our Brazilian and Hawaiian friends are wearing jackets, fleeces, arm warmers, hats. Still makes me laugh now.

There are the salt works of the Camargue, and the Grau du Roi where the canal joins the Mediterranean 5 miles south of Aigues-Mortes. Plus the famous white Camargue horses, and spectacular Roman theatres and acqueduct.

Worth 10 minutes of anybody’s time. Enjoy. And thanks, Roberto.

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