Video of The Loire Valley – Self Guided

A video by Jack and Nancy Haar.

I’m particularly chuffed with this video. It was put together by Jack and Nancy Haar, who joined us on a self-guided tour of the Loire Valley last September.

It’s very simple, a collection of photographs and places from Jack & Nancy’s trip. But it’s effective, and I think it’s a lovely video.

They’ve really captured the spectacular double-helix staircase at Chateau Chambord, for example. Also, we don’t usually visit the Loire Valley as late as mid-September, so it’s a treat for me to see the grapes so ripe, just ready for harvest. These are cabernet franc grapes, in the appellation of Saumur-Champigny, near Montreuil Bellay – often quoted as the best red wine appellation in the Loire Valley.

A nice reminder that there are some great wines in the Loire Valley, and naturally they never taste better than in situ.

This video was unsolicited – I just found it and stole it off YouTube. Jack and Nancy, it’s lovely, thank you.

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