Video of our new Provence tour

Two years ago, we launched a redesigned tour of Provence

Most importantly, I wanted to spend more time in Provence, rather than Languedoc (!). I wanted to explore a really interesting wine region more thoroughly; make the tour perhaps a little easier; see a bit more of the spectacular Lubéron National Park.

What does it look like?

It looks like this. Dive in …

What are you looking for? I liked the Roman theatre in Orange, the views from Les Baux de Provence, the picnics, and the general look of a group of cyclists having a good time. Look out for Randal, Julie, Brian, Sharon, Joanne, James, Andrea, Sueli, Albino, Wilson, Roberto, Roger, Stephen, Cindy, Mike, and Peter.

And thank you, Roberto Peixoto, ace cameraman.

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