The King of the Tour de France meets Zsolt

Last week an Exeter mate, Zsolt Schuller, went up to the Bike Show in London. Zsolt is the Project Manager for Cycle Exeter, the team appointed when Exeter won ‘Bike Demonstration Town’ status a few years ago.

I only mention this because Zsolt happened to meet up with a very special VIP – no lesser cyclist than the best cyclist that ever lived – Mr Eddy Merckx!

Of course, we do plenty of touring round France ourselves here at the Chain Gang, but not quite as fast as Eddy.

What a lucky dog, and if you get the impression that Zsolt was rather more chuffed than King Eddy, well, I wasn’t there so I couldn’t possibly comment. But I’d have swapped places in a heartbeat (with Zsolt, not with Eddy).

If any of you are unfamiliar with Eddy’s exploits in the ’60s and ’70s, have a look at these links and prepare to be blown away:

1. Cycling Hall Of Fame

2. Wikipedia

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