The Chain Gang's 2016 Season Approaches

It’s the the end of March, 2 months before our new season.

1. New Jerseys

I’ve spent this afternoon trying to finalise the design of our 2016 Chain Gang cycling jersey. It’s always a special feeling when I’m with Chain Gang tours to see people wearing our different designs from previous years.

OK, there have only been 3, but mighty oaks and tiny acorns, etc. By the time of our first tour, in Provence, the Chain Gang jersey collection will be 4 – you wait, we’ll have a couture show one day.

So far I’ve preferred each year over the previous years – I’ll see if we can keep that up for at least another year. I’ll keep you posted.


2. Our First Tour, May 28th, in Provence

You all know the song, right? Let's go dancing ...
You all know the song, right? Let’s go dancing …
Our first tour starts at the end of May, in Provence. We always feature a Provence tour early in our season, and the tour starting June 18th is already full. So it’s May 28th if you fancy an early-bird tour of Provence.

To whet your appetite, I’ve included a couple of links:
Here’s a video of our Provence tour on YouTube.

Photo Gallery.
And here’s a link to collection of some of my favourite photos of Provence from several tours over several years – it’s our gallery of Provence on The Chain Gang website. Have a look, treat yourself.


3. The Dordogne tour, June 4th – 11th.

IMG_3185We also feature an early tour of Dordogne every year, because June is such a good time to visit the region. The best times are either early – when there are wild flowers and amazing greenness everywhere you look – or late, in September, when everything is ripe, the tobacco is drying, you can pick figs from trees at the side of the road, and the walnuts are just beginning to fall.

It’s also not too hot in June, and not too busy, so it’s a perfect time to visit my favourite region in France.

Find out more about the Dordogne.

Our itinerary
Explore our Dordogne itinerary on The Chain Gang website.

We have two videos of bike tours in Dordogne. See the first one here.

And if you really can’t get enough of the place (like me), then try this one.

Photo Gallery.
Finally, a gallery of my favourite Dordogne photos culled from tours over recent years.



4.Burgundy, June 11th – 18th

Our third tour this summer is Burgundy.

What does Burgundy conjure up? For a lot of people, it’s their famous wines along the Cotes D’Or, the classic pinot noir reds from villages like Gevrey Chambertin, Nuits St George and Vosne Romanée, and world-renowned whites from Chassagne-Montrachet and Meursault.

They’re interesting enough, I suppose, but not the reason for visiting. Not on their own, at least.
Burgundy boasts the best food of any region in France. For vegetarians, Provence throws its hat in the ring, but if you’re a meat-eater like me, then it’s Burgundy.

Lots of classic French dishes are actually from Burgundy, dishes like Boeuf Bourguignonne, Coq-au-vin, frogs legs, escargot (snails), and you can throw in local dishes that have stayed local, like oeufs meurette, jambon perseillé. In addition to that, you’ve the famous epoisses cheese. Yes, it is famous, and it is worth it.

And we haven’t mentioned their Charolais beef – until now. So, go to Burgundy for fantastic food.

But also go for the Abbey de Fontenay. And for the Hotel de Dieu in Beaune. And for Chateauneuf.

Find out more about Burgundy.

Our itinerary
Explore our Burgundy itinerary on our website.

There’s a video from a Chain Gang bike tour in Burgundy, which you can find on YouTube, here.

Photo Gallery.
And some great photos, from our own gallery, which you can find here.

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