The Chain Gang in 2011

We’re all ready


We’ve made changes to our Devon tour, and our Bordeaux Winetrail tour. One because it was slightly too difficult, and the other because one of the hotels had become frankly sub-standard.

Some of you will be pleased to read that, and I particularly thank David in Israel as well as our guides Pete and Ben for being ‘critical friends’ when we needed it.

Our schedule and prices are available here. VAT in the UK is due to rise by an additional 2.5% in January, and we have to pay VAT on all our holidays. So our prices, in Euro, have gone up by the amount of the VAT increase – not a cent more. That’s just 30 Euro on our French tours – and it all goes to HM Government. Sad Face!

It took a lot of thought, and felt very brave, so I hope it’s appreciated!

Remember, if you want to see our brochure, just ask. Click here, fill in your name and address, and I’ll send you a copy wherever you are in the world.


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