The Chain Gang 2015

Planning for our 2015 season

OK folks, time to start getting ready for a cycling holiday.

Two of our guided tours are already full, so I’m excited about a great upcoming season. If you’re interested in coming cycling with us, what pearls of wisdom can I offer you?

© Patrick Hudgell , 2014
San Gimignano in the morning.

Once again we have no new tour this year, I was just too lazy to get to Alsace in time to do the necessary research. Actually that’s a bit harsh, I ran out of time because I spent most of September and October in Italy. And I fell in love with both Tuscany and Umbria all over again. I think I’m going to have to find time in April to research Alsace, so I’ll keep you informed.



© Patrick Hudgell, 2014
Amici, romani, concittadini … Classic bit of Italian!

We start our 2015 season in Italy, I’ll be guiding myself starting on the 23rd of May. Come and join me, and see first-hand how unutterably bad my Italian has become!



Our French season kicks off in Provence on May 30th, followed by groups in Dordogne and Burgundy. You’ll find all our dates on our website here . .



© Roberto Peixoto, 2014There is so much information about all our tours on our website, as well as huge galleries of photographs. I’ve also added several new galleries to our Flickr Photostream . Please feel free to go and enjoy yourself. Not as good as being there, but still good.

And of course, if our guided tour dates don’t suit you, many of our tours are available as self-guided trips. Still very “Chain Gang”, but at whatever time suits you.

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