The Bravest Thing I Ever Saw On A Bike

Just a few days agon, on May 28th 2011, New Zealand BMX legend Jed Mildon performed a TRIPLE backwards somersault on a BMX.

Luckily for us he was wearing a ‘Helmet Cam’ so we can see what the stunt looked like from his point of view, as well as the conventional onlookers view.

It is staggering. Take 2 minutes to have a look. Then you’ll want to share it with everone you know. I don’t understand what happens to him if he doesn’t make it. He’s wearing a helmet, but it’s got a camera stuck on top of it, and his ‘protective clothing’ consists of a hoody and jeans as far as I can see. As a guideline for how amazing this achievement was, in just 48 hours after the event this YouTube video was viewed almost 3,000,000 times.

When you watch the second time, notice how as he sets off down a 100-metre almost vertical ramp, he actually pedals to get his speed up. I’m not sure that was actually necessary, Jed, but congratulations on a quite extraordinary stunt. Chapeau!

Click here to watch the video.

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