Spectacular News For Our Friends At Kostüme

You might remember, I told you about a new venture by a friend of mine, Ed Bartlett, who set out to merge his twin loves of art and cycling with a new clothing label, Kostüme.

Kostume Kai and Sunny Womens Bib Short
Kostume Kai and Sunny Womens Bib Short
They’ve had some great reviews since launch, but they recently won a prestigious award, the Road.cc Editor’s Choice for the best clothing product of the year.

Every month a website called road.cc publishes a roundup of new cycling-related products, and selects their ‘Editor’s Picks’ of the best new products in each category.

At the end of the year, they revisit all of the monthly picks to choose 3 products of the year in each category:

Bargain Buy
Money No Object
Editor’s Choice


Kostume Kai and Sunny arm warmers
Kostume Kai and Sunny arm warmers
So Ed knew that both their Unisex Arm Warmers and their Bib-shorts were in-the-mix in the clothing section, because they’d been featured in the monthly selections.


You can imagine he was quite pleased to learn that their ‘Unisex Arm Warmers’ were chosen. But Road.cc’s Editor also gives the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award to the product which in his view is the single best product launched in the UK market throughout the whole year.

Kostume Kai and Sunny Womens Bib Short Top
Kostume Kai and Sunny Womens Bib Short Top




Kostüme’s bib-shorts were the Editor’s Choice for 2023

Congratulations, Ed. That really is something!



Kostume Kai and Sunny Bib Short chamois
The Chamois
There is some hard-grind and science behind this. I’ve done a bit of research into getting Chain Gang shorts, but have been put-off by the complexity and cost of a chamois good enough to be proud of. I might pursue this with Ed, here’s what road.cc said about the business end of the bib-shorts:

Although not flashy, the chamois will surprise you with its Italian-made, four-layer construction and aloe-infused microfibre top surface.”

Kostume Kai and Sunny Mens Bib Short legs
The lycra
But get this. Did you, like me, think lycra, was lycra, was lycra? “I don’t know what Kostüme has done with the Lycra but – oh my – it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever put next to my skin.

Oh my, indeed!

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