More Beautiful Photographs (and a cool trick) on Flickr.

Since our last Newsletter I’ve added a further six galleries on Flickr. I’ve also discovered a very cool feature. Everytime you load a photo onto Flickr you can place it on a map anywhere in the world. So I can load a gallery of of photos from our Loire Valley tour, place them on a map, and you can explore a map of our Loire Valley tour in photos. I think that’s cool.

So far I’ve managed to map half-a-dozen galleries. When the map opens, you’ll see a strip of thumbnails across the midle of the screen and a series of pink dots placed on the map. Each dot represents a photo. If you scroll along the strip of thumbnails, new pink dots appear.

Here’s a small selection. Play with them, see what you think.

1. A ‘photo map’ of the Loire Valley on Flickr.

2. A ‘photo map’ of the Dordogne on Flickr.

3. A ‘photo map’ of Devon on Flickr.

Click on any of the links below to see the gallery on Flickr, or click here to go direct to the Chain Gang Flickr site.

More photos of:

1. Click to view gallery of Bordeaux.







2. Click to view gallery of Umbria







3. Click to view gallery of Devon.







4. Click to view gallery of Loire Valley







5. Click to view gallery of Bordeaux Winetrail (again)







6. Click to view gallery of Dordogne






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