Competition Time!

Win an Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack!

Why choose now for a competition?
Because I found a really cool prize, and I needed a good excuse to give three of them away.

So what is this uber-cool prize? It’s the Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack, of course. It’s what every bike-based picnic needs.

Click to see the Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in all its glory
Click to see the Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in all its glory

I’ve bought a few of them to have a look, and I’m going to give three of them away.

“What do I need to do to win one of these must-have picnic accessories, Bernard?”

It’s very simple, Stuart Marshall, Peter Taylor (I know you two will definitely want one, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Judith Lacy had a tilt for one).

I’ve got three questions. They’re all pretty easy. Anybody who correctly answers all three questions by email will go into a hat on June 15th. The first three out get a Bicycle Wine Rack.

Anyway, here are the questions.

1. My favourite Saint.
Anyone who has cycled in Normandy with me knows who my favourite saint is, and where the Basilica built in her name is.
So where is it?

2. Cheese
What is the best-selling cheese in France (even if it ain’t nothing special)?

3. Calvados
On our Normandy tour, we visit the well-known distillery of Boulard.
Which village is it in?


If any of these questions look difficult, you haven’t looked at the Normandy article in our Newsletter.

Answers by email, please, to [email protected]. I’ll announce the winners next month.

If you want to see how they’re made, click this link to watch Jesse in action.

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