Come On England!

God bless Gordon Mundell. Last week I received a very pleasant surprise. Gordon, who’s cycled with us before and is joining me in Umbria next week, is a member of ‘Club Wembley’, which means he gets tickets for all the England Internationals, among other things.

England play the USA tonight, and usually you can’t get a ticket to watch England for love nor money. Some time in the past, because we’ve spent more than 10 minutes together, Gordon and I must have talked about football. So he called me and offered me his ticket for tonight as he can’t make it.

Yippee! What a result! Eat your heart out Mike Pattenden, Garry Williams, Sean Brennan, Suzi Brennan, I’m going to Wembley to watch England!

I’ll let you know how we get on. I daresay I ought to offer up a prediction as some sort of hostage to fortune. I’ve never seen the point of ‘middle-of-road’ predictions. Shoot for the sky: 3-0 England, Rooney hat trick.

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