Chain Gang Cycle Tours – Photo Competition.

Three Copies of Haynes Bike Manual To Give Away

Regulars will know I’m always on the hunt for photos. I asked our designer, Andrea, to choose her favourite photos from our Chain Gang files, and my latest wheeze is to set the bar low, bribe you with the promise of a tasty prize, and tempt you into sending me your favourite snaps from Chain Gang tours.

She came up with 4 photos, two from Burgundy, one from the Dordogne and one from a vineyard in the médoc on our Bordeaux Winetrail. You can see her choices here .

Her view is that these photos represent what we do. They’re not the photos that I would have picked, but I’d always back Andrea’s choices over my own, so I’d be interested to know what you think.

This month's prizeI’d really like to see your photos, ideally from a Chain Gang tour but let’s not be too picky.

And for the best three photos (Andrea will choose the winners) we’ll send a copy of my favourite bike maintenance book, the famous Hayne’s Manual, 5th edition.



So over to Andrea and her chosen photographs.

1. Judging from the flowers I’m guessing this photo was taken in June. I hope this shows that when we see something beautiful, we stop and take a bit of time to enjoy.OK guys, the flowers aren't dangerous, you can take your helmets off


2. Always a challenge on the Bordeaux Winetrail. We visit fascinating vineyards, taste wine with the owners, but then we have to carry what we buy. Do I leave the first aid kit and the tool kit, keep the wine?


3. I love this bridge. I believe this is Tim Ockwell leading the Chain Gang peloton across the Dordogne from Carennac on our way to the hotel in Gluges. You first, Tim


4. Chateauneuf, the village that time forgot. It’s like a Disney version of a medieval village with a chateau right in the middle of it.Davide Bineth calls this 'the most beautiful village in the world'


You can see lots of photos from Chain Gang tours on our Flickr site.

For 2010 I’m going to place more and more of our photos on Flickr so that you can enjoy them. So go ahead, make my day, bookmark our Flickr page.

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