Chain Gang Competition – April

How well do you know your way around France?

A friend of mine from Bordeaux, Muriel, recently sent me a link to a wonderful game from Michelin. Place towns and cities on a map of France, with points awarded for accuracy and speed. Test yourself here.

I’ve got three of my favourite bike tool – chain wear indicators – for the three highest scores. When you think you’ve got a good score, if you can’t get a screen grab, just “Ctrl P” the whole screen, and select your pdf programme as the printer. Save this pdf and send it to me by email. Or capture the screen anyway you like, and send it in.

The three highest scores will each win a Chain Wear Indicator, but see below for a much more serious prize. I love these little beauties. It takes about 5 seconds to check whether your chain needs replacing. A worn chain will wear out the whole drive train. If you catch it in time, it’s £20 for a new chain. Leave it for 2 more months, and it’s a new rear mech, new cassette, new chainset as well as a new chain. Believe me when I say you won’t get that lot for £20!


So it’s well worth having one of these beauties in your toolkit. And if you’re one of the top three scores, I’ll send you one.


What’s a good score?

Over 50,000?

You certainly know your way around France.

Over 70,000?

You know France as well as a French postman (Muriel’s Uncle).

Over 100,000?

You’ve been practising!


Can you beat my score?

If the winning score beats my record, the winner will receive a ‘Chain Gang Tool Roll’, worth over £100.

Here’s a list of the tools you’ll find in your tool roll:

Grease gun
Chain whip
Cassette removal tool
Allen Key set
Sprocket-cleaning brush
Chain cleaner
A set of Cone spanners
Pedal spanner
Flat screw-driver
Philips screw-driver
Cable cutters
Spoke key
Crank extractor
Chain wear indicator

Everything you need to do anything to your bike (except a bottom-bracket extractor). The total value, with the tool roll itself, is over £100.

Here’s my score. Beat it, as the overall winner, and you get the tool roll, wherever you live in the world. Good luck!

And it’s good fun, so just enjoy yourself. Click here.

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