Chain Gang 2017 – The State Of Play

As ever, our new season is suddenly a whole lot closer than it was.

Cycling out of Strasbourg
Cycling out of Strasbourg

We start our group tours on June 3rd in Normandy. But that tour is full, I’m afraid. But also in June we have tours of Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Provence. They’ve all got good numbers already booked, which is a delightful surprise this early in the year. So if you fancy a bit of early season sun on your back, all of our June tours are guaranteed departures.

All our Alsace tours this summer have good numbers already booked. It’s a sad fact of life that good numbers on a tour means a better tour, each of our Alsace tours should be a belter.


Outside the Duomo in Orvieto
Outside the Duomo in Orvieto
I’m also delighted to report that we already have good numbers booked for our 2nd Tuscany tour (September 23rd) and our Umbria tour starting on September 17th.

I love our Italian tours – they’re hilly, more difficult than any of our French tours. But they’re also more beautiful, and with better food. And those of you who I’ve met me will know how important that is to me!

We don’t always get the same numbers in Italy that we do in France, but this year is different, and I can’t wait to murder the Italian language again, as I’ll be guiding both those tours myself.

So if you’re feeling fit, have a look at Tuscany and Umbria.

More updates next month, and hopefully a sneak preview of some new company apparel! (I like that phrase, it makes us sound very serious).

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