Biking Round The Dart Estuary

This is the fourth in a series of 4 examples of a new mapping tool incorporated in our website . You can use the tool, from Mapometer , to examine The Chain Gang’s bike tours in France, Italy and the UK. ‘Zoom’ to examine features in detail, and select ‘Satellite’ to enjoy ariel views of famous landmarks.

For the fourth example, I’ve chosen the Dart Estuary, from our Tour of Devon.
The Dart Estuary, Day 2 of the Chain Gang's Tour of Devon

This is from our new tour of Devon, so I’m guessing not many readers will have cycled here. It’s a beautiful estuary, unusually deep, which is why Dartmouth has such an interesting naval and sailing history. I love the green fields that surround everything – it’s so Devon.

On the left of the estuary is Dartmouth, on the right is Kingswear, and a car ferry shuttles backwards and forwards.

If you look at the itinerary for the following day you’ll see how the Mountbatten Ferry allows us to cycle right into the heart of Devon’s biggest City, twice the size of Avignon, and out onto the lower slopes of Dartmoor without cycling more than a few metres on busy roads.
Aerial view of Plymouth
For our American readers – see the little ‘hook’ on the extreme West of the route? Those are the Mayflower Steps. That’s where she set sail from in 1620. Zoom in and have a look.

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