Biking Into The Piazza Del Campo, Siena

This is the second in a series of 4 examples of a new mapping tool incorporated in our website . You can use the tool, from Mapometer , to examine The Chain Gang’s bike tours in France, Italy and the UK. ‘Zoom’ to examine features in detail, and select ‘Satellite’ to enjoy ariel views of famous landmarks.

For the second example, I’ve chosen the Piazza del Campo in Siena, from our Tour of Tuscany.
Aerial view of the Piazza del Campo
One of my favourite places to spend 30 minutes with a cold beer is the Campo in Siena.

The centre of Siena is a huge labyrinth of medieval buildings, and at the centre is the historic ‘Piazza del Campo’, the focal point of renaissance Siena and the setting for the Palio hores race each July and August. This overhead view gives an idea of how all the streets are cramped together incredibly tightly, and in the middle the enormous open space of the scallop-shaped piazza.

The shadow is cast by the huge Torre del Mangia, basically the Medici’s way of reminding the Sienese who won the war. The duomo can be seen on the left.

If you examine the day’s ride in more detail you’ll see the striking contrast between the first 20 Kilometres of deserted backroads and ‘strada bianchi’ as we cycle out of Chianti, and the last 5 Km as we try to find the friendliest way into the very heart of Siena.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, if you really want to see Chain Gang route-finding at its very best, check out the following day, as we leave Siena and cycle through Le Crete to Asciano.

Genius – thank you Guido!

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