Best-Ever Bike Accessory. And We're Giving Three Of Them Away.

Competition Time, Folks!

Best-ever bike accessory? OK, that’s quite a claim, but I love the StemCaptain.

Heather Baker's StemCaptain
Heather Baker’s StemCaptain
Nearly all of us these days have a Headset that features a stem cap, or top cap. The Head Set is a very important part of the bike, it allows us to steer, and also to brake safely. But once the headset is correctly installed and the stem bolts tightened, the cap on top of the headset is merely decorative. There’s no need for the cap to be a flat piece of metal with a 5mm allen bolt in the middle. It could be … something else. For example, a clock, or a thermometer, or a compass.


A clever guy based in Colorado has produced a range of Stem Captain accessories that allow you to bling your bike up just a little bit. Nothing excessive, nothing garish, just a classy little clock / thermometer / compass that appears to be integrated into your bike.

Some StemCaptain options.
Some StemCaptain options.

I’ve got one, and I love it. So, we’re giving three of them away.

Our competitions are usually very easy – almost insulting. The answers are usually in the same blog post or the previous one. But let’s celebrate inclusion by making this competition simple too. Literally any fool can enter, and have a good chance of winning! I don’t know how good a slogan that is, but you get the message – don’t be put off, the answer is probably not far away.

The question for this month’s competition is this:

In previous blog posts I’ve written about my favourite day on various Chain Gang tours.
Which day is my favourite on our Dordogne tour?

(Steve Jones, don’t bother entering. I just noticed your birthday is coming up, and there’s one in the post)

Just send your answer by email to [email protected]. We’ll publish the winners in February, by which time I hope the winners will already have their StemCaptains.

If you’re worried about the installation, it really is about the simplest thing you’ll ever do on a bike. Mine took a lot less than a minute. You need a 5mm Allen key, and that’s it.
Here’s a video by the man himself to show you just how easy it is.

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