Aidan and Damaris Join the 7-Up Club

Amazingly, two more people have now completed every single one of our cycling tours. Aidan Challen and Damaris O’Hanlon recently cycled round Umbria with me, and in both cases the Umbria tour completed the set.
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Damaris has been on some of our tours twice, she’s a one-woman Chain Gang promotion agency, and probably our biggest fan. Obviously anybody who’s done all seven of our tours will tend to be lovely company, and it was certainly true of Aidan and Damaris.

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I wonder if I can explain the feeling when people who have cycled with us decide to cycle with us again? It feels so flattering. Of course we try to put on fabulous tours, and to provide excellent value, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people do actually enjoy our holidays. And we get tons of customers returning to cycle with us again and again, but when I recognise a name, the feeling is marvellous.

And to return six times! I’m more grateful, and more flattered, than I can properly convey, so let me say thank you Aiden, thank you Damaris. I guess we’ll see you soon!

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