A Week With The Chain Gang in Burgundy

A New Video Of Our Burgundy Tour

Last September our favourite Brazilian, Roberto Peixoto, joined our Burgundy tour. The sun shone, which is a good job because it was harvest time in the vineyards. Roberto has put together a video of the whole week, from Montbard to Beaune.

Here are my favourite bits. I’m afraid they all come near the end:

1. The harvest at Domaine du Prieuré in Savigny les Beaune (18:05).

It’s a rare treat to see the grapes arrive at the cave and begin their transformation into bottled sunshine. There is a very interesting minute or so of video starting at 18:05.

2. A son et lumière show in Beaune (19:54).

I’d forgotten all about this. I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Roberto, Pete, Judith, Dorota, Mel et al on the Thursday night in Beaune. As we walked back from the Ciboulette restaurant, suddenly there was an amazing show projected onto a wall. Have a look at about 19:54. Very French this, and quite lovely. A free show for any passer-by.

3. Group photo (22:55).

At about 22:55 there’s a shot of the whole group in the courtyard of the hotel. They just look so content and at ease with each other. It makes me wish I’d spent a week with them. Mind you, if I’d been there all week …

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