A Future Chain Gang Devotee

So Christmas is nearly upon us, and we can’t wait for the big day, mostly because of Ruby’s Christmas bike.

Ruby is my (Clare’s) daughter, and at 3¼ years old is about to experience her first Christmas where she understands what’s what. (Father Christmas has been a bargaining tool for the past few weeks – if she misbehaves she knows we have his mobile phone number and can call any hour of the day or night to tell him not to bother landing on OUR roof).

Early Rider CycleWe bought her a toddlers’ bike called the Early Rider. Not only does it look very cool, but its principles of design make a lot of sense.

Its frame is made from sturdy, lightweight wood. It has no pedals so she’ll get properly tired out . . . er . . . so that she learns to balance more efficiently than if she had training wheels.

While she’s still getting to grips with the bike, we can restrict the steering range, which should reduce the risk of spectacular jackknife head-over-heels manoeuvres. And it has big fat wheels that look like liquorice and help her to stay stable.

Furthermore, it’s gorgeous to look at – baby pink with a gold flame motif down the side and when you’re 3, that’s the most important feature of all!

Have a look at the Early Rider website, especially at the video of little people zooming around the countryside. If that doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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