A Fantastic Video Of France

A French friend of mine recently sent me a link to a fabulous video. It’s supposedly a flying race and the pilot narrates to his navigator as they fly around France from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Forget that boring description, (and the cheesy first 60 seconds) just click here and enjoy it , it’s worth it.

Our intrepid flyers show us an aerial view of 10 of France’s most stunning sites, and I was delighted to see 7 places that we visit on Chain Gang tours. Or is that 6? I’d appreciate your help with that one.

Here are the six definite Chain Gang sites that I spotted:

1. Chateau Chenonceau (Loire Valley)







2. Chateau Chambord (Loire Valley)







3. Clos Vougeot (Burgundy)







4. Abbey de Fontenay (Burgundy)







5. Rocamadour (Dordogne)







6. Pont du Gard (Provence)







I can’t make up my mind whether the hillside town at the end of the video is Gordes, a beautiful hillside town in the Luberon hills in Provence. Can anyone help me?


One final thing, a great piece of trivia. We learn that the Angel of St Michel (as in Mont St Michel) is the Patron Saint of parachutists.

That’s slightly obscure, but if you ever do find yourself hanging onto a parachute and things aren’t going quite as planned, it’s as well to know who’s looking out for you – supposedly.

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