Special Currency on our Devon Tour

Any fans of the Radio 4 programme, The Archers, will be familiar with the ‘Transition Town’ movement. It has the faintest whiff of the eco-warrior, but one of the issues they try to promote is a local currency.

The idea is that local people spend more of their money with local businesses, and promote sustainability and local produce. Everything the New Age Hippy could wish forSo far so worthy, but Totnes, as the UK’s hippy capital, was early on the ‘Transition Town’ bandwagon and already boasts its own currency, ‘The Totnes Pound’.

Whatever you think of the idea, the reality is rather lovely.


There are a number of places you can get hold of the Totnes Pound – and it will come as no surprise to learn that none of them is a cash machine !


One Totnes Pound Maybe the most beautiful shop I have ever been inI like the idea that you can get cash from a Cider centre, and in fact we will cycle to this cider centre on the first day of our Devon tours.

Another place you can pick up some Totnes Pounds is a shop called Gazebo, which according to Holly P of Croydon is “maybe the most beautiful shop I have ever been in”. So I’m looking forward to taking a few Totnes Pounds into Gazebo

You can also buy Totnes pounds on the Internet. It costs £10 for 5 Totnes Pounds, which have a value with participating outlets of precisely £5. So it’s not the most effective currency investment I’ve ever made, but they are cute, and I’m looking forward to spending my Totnes Pounds on our first Devon tour in June.

If you find yourself in Totnes, with a few Totnes Pounds burning a hole in your pocket, head for one of these outlets .

That'll do nicely, Sir

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