It's not a Jersey, it's a Maillot!

The new 'Maillot Chain Gang'
The new ‘Maillot Chain Gang’
Since our last Newsletter we’ve received our new cycling jerseys for 2013.

‘Jersey’ is such an unsporty word! It suggests something your Grandma might buy you, or something to keep you warm with holes in the elbow.

Our jerseys are for sporting superheroes (that’s you and me), so I much prefer to use the French word, ‘Maillot’, or the Italian, ‘Maglia’. It just feels and sounds sm much sexier.

So here is a snap of my neighbour, John (keen and very strong cyclist) modelling the much sought-after ‘Maillot Chain Gang’ (2013 edition). If you enlarge the image, you can see that we forgot to remove the label. What pros!

They’re available for just £1,175 each, but each jersey comes with a free holiday! (the Italian version costs slightly more – free holiday offer still applies).

Click here to buy your ‘Maillot Chain Gang’

Forgive my tacky little joke, I hope you like the new maillot – and thanks for helping out, John.


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