Cycling Across The Pont Du Gard

This is the first in a series of 4 examples of a new mapping tool incorporated in our website . You can use the tool, from Mapometer , to examine The Chain Gang’s bike tours in France, Italy and the UK. ‘Zoom’ to examine features in detail, and select ‘Satellite’ to enjoy ariel views of famous landmarks.

For the first example, I chose the Pont du Gard, from our Provence tour.
Pont du Gard, in Languedoc.  Highlight of The Chain Gang Provence bike tour

In Provence, we wander over into Languedoc just so that we can cycle over the incredible Pont du Gard. This 2,000 year-old aquaduct takes our route across the River Gardon.

The overhead image gives a better idea of the length of the aquaduct than we get cycling across it.

If you look at the itinerary in detail, and scroll over the route that brings us to the Pont du Gard, you’ll see why I’m so proud of this particular route. We cycle from Uzes along tiny roads, through sleepy little villages, and along some tracks that you’d never believe could lead anywhere if you didn’t have a Chain Gang guide with you.

One of my favourite morning’s cycling from any Chain Gang tour.

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