Chain Gang Jersey Competition – Winners

Last month we ran a competition so that I could give away all the Chain Gang jerseys I had left over from 2012. We’ve had some more designed for 2013, and every Chain Gang cyclist this summer will get one, but I had 27 jerseys that needed a good home.

Founder-member of the British League of Racing Cyclists.
Stuart Greenway – Founder-member of the British League of Racing Cyclists, and all-round good egg.

The question was the name of Francois II of France’s wife, and the answer, as almost everybody knew, was Mary, Queen of Scots.

There were over 100 winners, unfortuantely, so it ran strictly on who got in first. And if you were a ‘Medium’, I’m afraid so was everyone else. The way to win a jersey competition is to be a XXL and get the question right.

I’m really sorry I didn’t have a whole box of jerseys to send out. It does make me proud to see other poeople wearing them, but the answer was 27, and here are the lucky winners:

  1. Alan Lovel
  2. Ben Walsh
  3. Bill Herbst
  4. Brian Moore
  5. Carolan Serin
  6. Cheryl Law
  7. Conor Hegarty
  8. David Marsden
  9. Durward Dunn
  10. Eden Legree
  11. George Wade
  12. Holly Delaney
  13. Jeff Orum
  14. Jim Nelson
  15. Julian Collins
  16. Kim Shuit
  17. Linda Blue
  18. Mariandl Krooshof
  19. Mariela Botella
  20. Peter How
  21. Peter Wayne
  22. Richard Atkinson
  23. Shirley Boucher
  24. Stefan Roseblade
  25. Steve Howe
  26. Stuart Marshall
  27. Yolanda Chesworth

If you’re name is on that list, you either already have or very soon will receive your free Chain Gang jersey. If you’re name isn’t on the list, I’m really sorry.

New Chain Gang cycling jersey
New Chain Gang cycling jersey – 2013

But this year’s design is even better, and if you buy a new Chain Gang jersey for £1,175, I’ll throw in a free holiday!

How about that then?!?




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